Big Win For Michael Ramos Saturday At Evans Mills Raceway Park

EVANS MILLS, NY – Another beautiful August evening greeted a long line of fans waiting to enter the grounds of the Evans Mills Raceway Park on Christman Fuels night Saturday, Aug. 31. It was a special night with five different feature races spread throughout six classes taking place as well as crowning our 2019 season track points champions.

First up was the feature with the closest points race, the Sport Compacts, who were teamed with the Serv Pro Thunder stocks. Just four points separated #19 Craig Caskinette and the #96T of Tim Dunn, just about insuring that the winner of the race would be the points champion. On this night, it was Craig Caskinette once again getting to victory lane and garnering the track championship. Chuck Powelczyk was second in the #17 and Amanda Dafoe finished third in the #61. Justin Burns made a triumphant return to the track in his #11J and won the Serv Pro Thunder stock feature but failed to pass post race inspection, while Josh Verne Jr. in the re-numbered 200 easily captured the track championship.

The Classic Asphalt Modified Series brought a strong field of 11 cars to the track and put on a great show. At the finish it was French Canadian Normand Gervais crossing the line first in the Lucky #7 with series president Tim James next in the #50 coupe. The winners interview was a bit difficult with the language barrier, but Gervais was heard to say “Nice track!” and gave a hearty handshake with a smile from ear to ear.

The Fidelis Care INEX Legends saw another win come the way of Josh Marchese in the #31 which also resulted in his winning the track championship. Josh felt the hard work of his team paid off in the second half of the season as he had a very strong July and August at Evans Mills.

The Caskinette Ford Modifieds had some of their most intense racing of the year with several laps featuring a number of side by side battles. By the midpoint of the race, Mike Ramos in the #09 had worked his way into second from his 6th place starting spot and the top three cars of #1 Casey Sykes, Ramos, and the #30 of Mason Spencer had a torrid battle for the top three spots. Ramos was able to execute an outside pass late in the race for the win. A breathless Ramos in victory lane was thrilled to get the win. Mason Spencer did not let up despite a good lead in the points race, and ran hard to get the Caskinette Ford Modified track championship. The modified racing at Evans Mills the past month has been very competitive and the treatment of the outside groove in the turns is working well.

The final event of the night was something never seen before in the north country, a skid plate race. No less than 19 cars bolted a rounded metal skid on the bottom of the back wheel rims and tried to navigate the race course. It was a wild affair with some cars taking trips into the wall and everyone had several fast spin arounds with the skids attached. The winner was Ryan Martin surrounded by a jubilant family in victory lane. It was estimated that the winner went around in a circle five different times in the race before crossing the finish line first.

This Saturday, September 7th will be hosted by Evans Mills Raceway Park and sponsored by our Friends At Caskinette Ford as we are “RACING AWAY THE HUNGER.” This community service campaign addresses the uncomfortable fact facing so many children in our North Country ~ hunger.
School Backpack programs provide nutritious, non-perishable, easy to prepare food to children to ensure they get enough food on weekends and holidays when they cannot depend on school meals to avoid hunger. Every backpack food program is unique to the community and school it serves. So in an effort to support as many school districts as we can, we at Evans Mills Raceway Park are offering a $2 General Admission to anyone making a donation to our School Backpack Program. We will be accepting your donations at the new entrance to the Raceway or anyone that cannot attend the races Saturday, can drop their donations off at the remote location at CASKINETTE FORD on Rt 26 in Carthage, NY this week. Thank you for supporting us supporting the children.

Other upcoming events include the FIRST ANNUAL JOHN BURR CLASSIC on September 21st and a DAY OF DESTRUCTION on September 28th. Please see our website @ or like and follow us on Facebook for updated details.

The month of September has some great events scheduled and Evans Mills Raceway Park has become a destination for competitive racing and family fun in the north country!

Caskinette Ford Sportsman Modifieds:

1 9 Michael Ramos Caskinette Ford Modifieds
2 NY1 Casey Sykes Caskinette Ford Modifieds
3 30 Mason Spencer Caskinette Ford Modifieds
4 48 Chuck Meyers Caskinette Ford Modifieds
5 7 Randy Brunelle Caskinette Ford Modifieds
6 92NY Brad Winters Caskinette Ford Modifieds
7 6 Corey Trombley Caskinette Ford Modifieds
8 6 Kreig Heroth Caskinette Ford Modifieds
9 29 Tommy Conklin Caskinette Ford Modifieds
10 126 Terry Gardner Caskinette Ford Modifieds
11 66 Geoff Sharkey Caskinette Ford Modifieds
12 2NY Tony Pettinelli Caskinette Ford Modifieds
13 81 Ted Appleton Caskinette Ford Modifieds
14 4 Steve Fuchs Caskinette Ford Modifieds

INEX Legends:

1 31 Joshua Marchese INEX Legends
2 41 Dalton Rombough INEX Legends
3 33 Breanne Gilligan INEX Legends
4 10 Chris Malbeuf INEX Legends
5 23 Cole Perry INEX Legends
6 14 Coleby Felber INEX Legends

Sport Compact / Serv-Pro Thunder Stock:

1 19 Craig Caskinette Sport Compact
2 17 Chuck Powelyh Sport Compact
3 61 Amanda Defo Sport Compact
4 X Josh Verne SR Sport Compact
5 96T Tim Dunn Sport Compact
6 13Z Zac Petrie Serv Pro Thunder Stocks
7 200 Josh Verne JR Serv Pro Thunder Stocks
8 7X Joe Orvis Serv Pro Thunder Stocks
9 WWG3 Ken Pitsley Sport Compact
10 16 Sam Cercie Sport Compact
DQ Justin Burns Serv Pro Thunder Stocks