Update On Handicapping For Evans Mills During 2019

EVANS MILLS, NY – We have decided there will be NO handicapping at EMRP this season. We have decided to go with a pill draw every week in every division. After some discussion, it is in the best interest to attract more cars to the EMRP.

You will draw every week when you come through the pit gate. This will determine your starting position for your heat race. The winner of the first heat will draw for an inversion for the feature. (If the winner of heat one pulls a 5 then the top 5 will be inverted for the feature. If a 1 is pulled then there is no invert.) This will apply for all divisions.

Warm Up Laps

We will be giving all divisions 3 warm up laps before heat races and features for the season.

Please spread the word on these updates to your fellow racers.

Thanks for supporting EMRP