Tire Examples Offered for Thunderstock Teams

EVANS MILLS, NY – In 2024, the Evans Mills Raceway Park has amended rules in the Thunderstocks divisions to pursue a more affordable experience for drivers and race teams. The stated rule change for tires and wheel width is stated below and in the 2024 Thunderstocks Division rulebook. This literature is meant to offer examples of where to purchase tires that are deemed legal under the new rulebook. The tires below are not the only tires allowed, but just an example of where to find some.


This information is also posted on the Rules page as “Thunderstock Legal Tire Examples” so that teams can refer back to this information. For more information contact the Technical Inspector at emrptechinspector@yahoo.com, emrpgm@yahoo.com, or (315) 323-6033


From the 2024 Thunderstocks Rulebook

  1. Tires
  • Must be stock passenger car radial DOT tires only:
    • 205/70/13,14, or 15
    • 205/65/13,14, or 15
    • 205/60/13,14, or 15
  • No racing slicks, racing tires, or performance rated street tires are allowed.
  • The same size tire must be present on all four (4) corners of the vehicle.
  • No wheel spacers allowed.
  • All lug nuts must be present and properly torqued.
  • No camber cut tires allowed.
  • No altering of struts to fit tire size.
  • Tread depth is 1/8” minimum
  • Minimum tread wear is 380 or higher and must be visible.
  • The tires must be T, U, or H-rated tires.
  • Tires must not exceed an MSRP of $85 per tire. EMRP will monitor the tire market and adjust if need be. If you are purchasing tires and are unsure of legality, contact the EMRP tech officials to confirm legality.


  1. Wheels
  • Steel wheels only. Maximum width is seven inches (7”) with a minimum offset of three inches (3”). No aluminum wheels allowed.
  • Bassett or Aero standard weight wheels are allowed. No lightweight wheels are allowed.
  • No wheel spacers are allowed.
  • The same size wheels must be used on all four (4) corners of the car.
  • Aftermarket wheels must have a one-inch (1”) lug nut on all wheel studs.
  • 13”, 14”, and 15” wheels only.

13” Wheels


  • (PriorityTire.com) Tornel Direccional 205/60R13: MSRP: $55.93
    • Treadwear: 460


14” Wheels


  • (PriorityTire.com) Accelera Phi-R 205/60R14: MSRP (2/26/24): $68.89
    • Treadwear: 400
  • (Walmart.com) Montreal Eco-2 Performance 205/60R14: MSRP (2/26/24): $67.57
    • Treadwear: 400


  • (PriorityTire.com) Landgolden LG17 205/70R14: MSRP (2/26/24): $65.93
    • Treadwear: 500
  • (PriorityTire.com) Thunderer Mach I 205/70R14: MSRP (2/26/24): $66.99
    • Treadwear: 500


15” Wheels


  • (Walmart.com) Summit Ultramax A/S All Season 205/60R15 95H XL Passenger Tire: MSRP (2/26/24): $54.84
    • Treadwear: 420
  • (PriorityTire.com) Fullway HP108 205/60R15: MSRP (2/26/24): $75.75
    • Treadwear: 380


  • (PriorityTire.com) Fullway PC369 205/65R15: MSRP (2/26/24): $80.75
    • Treadwear: 400
  • (PriorityTire.com) Armstrong Blu-Trac PC 205/65R15: MSRP (2/26/24): $78.75
    • Treadwear: 700


  • (PriorityTire.com) GT Radial Maxtour All Season 205/70R15: MSRP (2/26/24): $78.75
    • Treadwear: 580
  • (Walmart.com) Zeetex ZT3000 All Season 205/70R15: MSRP (2/26/24): $68.69
    • Treadwear: 440