Champions Decided Ahead of John Burr Weekend

EVANS MILLS, NY – The 2023 track champions have been crowned at the Evans Mills Raceway Park during Championship Night presented by BEARCOM in Watertown and Thomas Trash and Excavating. All division champs were locked in heading into the weekend except the Thunderstocks. Kevin and Mike Greenfield would be racing each other to win the championship.


Excess Storage Pro Late Models Feature Results: 1) Chuck Meyer, 2) James Kiah, 3) Tyler Papin, 4) Rylee Gill

Track Champion #57 Rylee Gill


Thunderstocks Feature Results: 1) Kevin Greenfield, 2) Mike Greenfield, 3) Ryan Wurtz, 4) Justin Burns, 5) David Paige, 6) Lyle Robinson, 7) Collin Bauter, 8) Michael Marcinko, 9) Angela Pettinelli, 10) Tim Greenfield, 11) Erik Carr

Track Champion #17 Mike Greenfield


Sport Compacts Feature Results: 1) Billy Matteson, 2) Chuck Powelczyk, 3) Justin Coachman, 4) Sam Curcie, 5) Bridget DeMarse, 6) John McCarron

Track Champion #17 Chuck Powelczyk


Caskinette Ford Sportsman Modifieds Feature Results: 1) Andre Roggie, 2) Geoff Sharkey, 3) John Ramsey, 4) Bryan Sherwood, 5) Jeff Pringle, 6) Kreig Heroth, 7) Kaden Rogers, 8) Tony Pettinelli, 9) Joe Papin, 10) Dylan Bancroft, 11) Steven Sherwood, 12) Scott Dinzler, 13) Corey Trombley, 14) Rylee Gill, 15) Kevin Warren, 16) Matt Sharkey, 17) Joey VanLare

Track Champion #1 Kreig Heroth


Christman Fuel INEX Legends Feature Results: 1) Matt Haufe, 2) Kyle Hart, 3) Joel Hall, 4) Devin Thornton, 5) Brayton Malbeuf, 6) Brody Beckwith, 7) Matt Brown, 8) Evan Thomas, 9) Jayden Hall, 10) Kyle Wurtz, 11) Carrie Ann Carr, 12) Chris Malbeuf


The Evans Mills Raceway Park returns on September 15th and 16th for the 4th Annual John Burr Classic with fireworks Friday night.